Motion Graphics / After Effects

White Castle digital menuboard animations.
White Castle digital menuboard animations. Conversion of designed print pieces into animations for Quick Serve Resturant (QSR) HD display screens.
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Jaden Toussaint, the Greatest. Book trailer youtube video.
Creative concepting, storyboarding and then kinetic text added to a mostly completed book trailer and synced with existing animations and audio track.
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I heart brain. Brain Awareness Week promotion
Animations for each of the 5 senses (Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, Touch) produced for Brain Awareness Week. Client provided graphics and storyboard.
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Website Builds
Content, custom video player(s), banners, widgets, animations, custom analytics.
Lenny the Lion website
Design, build, animations, web games, Android mobile app, desktop app, videos.
Will Nerd For Food
Customized WordPress site, all content, custom video player, analytics. My branded freelancing site.
Heart Rescue Now
Fullscreen Flash and HTML5 choose your path video website. A save-a-life simulator.
Find Your Ideal
Content updates, graphics, custom web forms, misc upgrades.
Content updates, new section, nav updates, video & player upgrades, jquery mobile updates.
Update content, graphics work, custom video player application with synced PPTs.
Update content, graphics work, banner work / updates, modal window set up.
Medtronic Innovation
Content, custom video player analytics, graphic work, video transcoding, HTML5 video.